A happy feet promises an active and energized life. However foot and leg pain and problems can hinder your everyday chores, work and overall well-being. It can happen due to various reasons, age, stress, accidents, genetic issues etc. Thus bringing oneself back to a well functioning individual is something you owe to yourself for a happier life and we are here to walk you through.

With our experienced and licensed pedorthists and medical professionals we ensure you to get you back on track. From minor pain in the leg, structural and functional problem of feet to even treating diabetic foot, we have you covered for all major and minor orthotic issues. We incorporate latest technology like 3D printing to asses your orthotic state and in making custom orthotic and foot care devices.

As soon as you walk in to the clinic, we begin with understanding your lifestyle in a holistic manner, your overall health and body weight, weight distribution across the body and to the legs, assess your walking gait After which appropriate orthotic treatments are planned to best suit your overall day to day life and to make it worthwhile as possible. The aim is to bring you a highly individualized orthotic care and support system. We promise to bring out the best working with you.

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We provide wide range of braces as well. Its ideal for correcting biomechanical alignment of all joints and hence reduce pain due to injuries of ligaments joints and also arthritis etc. These are known to lift off load from the injured area and protect it from further injury hence even weight bearing on joints. With our experts and advanced technology you'll be assessed carefully on gait and range of motion after which casts are created for custom bracing. We ensure that you'll be at maximum level of comfort and biomechanical functions are regained to the best possible extent.

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