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Benefits of Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy for a Balanced Life

Benefits of Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy for a Balanced Life

Are you burdened by tightness in your muscles, chronic discomfort, and stress? Accept no less than a life of inactivity! Massage therapy and physiotherapy are effective treatments to restore your physical and emotional health. Look into the distinctions....

pelvic health physiotherapy in hamilton

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Many of us both men and women at one point in our life go through discomfort due to pelvic floor dysfunction. Some of them show direct symptoms like incontinence, organ prolapse or pelvic pain. Most of us will have much generalised symptoms like back pain, constipation, joint pain or posture issues.

tips for a safe return to the gym after lockdown hamilton therapy

Tips For A Safe Return To The Gym After Lockdown

Hitting the gym after lockdown can be exciting. Maybe you’re looking forward to shed those extra calories you consumed or get into that ideal shaping you’ve been dreaming of. However sudden return to your previous exercise schedule and methods can...

shoulder pain & physiotherapy in hamilton

Shoulder Pain & Physiotherapy

Are you having pain or difficulty reaching for something high on a shelf, tucking in shirt or reaching into your back pocket or have been avoiding some of these activities due to pain, stiffness or weakness. Physiotherapy in Hamilton is going to help you recover and get back to your pre- functional status.